Welcome . . .

Welcome . . .

Hi! This is Braxton, and I’d like to welcome you to my small corner of the web. Here on my homepage you’ll find information on my books, as well as a calendar of events that I’ll be attending. And, if I ever return to blogging, maybe, someday, you’ll find those articles here as well.

So, grab your drink of choice and stay a while. If you’d like more info, feel free to contact me. Plus, to keep up-to-date with new projects and events, please sign up for my newsletter. Your address will never be shared or sold and I promise not to deluge your inbox.


Book 7 of the MedAir Series, The Khmer Connection, is now available as an eBook here, through my website, as well as most online retailers. The paperback edition should be available towards the first of June. To read a sample or purchase the eBook, click on the cover in the above slider, access it through the top menu, or click here.

Looking for information on the vaccine issues I present in The Khmer Connection? You can find the pdf file here: The Vaccine Issue. On this page, you’ll find a flip book that allows you to read it online, but at the bottom of the book you’ll find a series of controls. Hover your mouse over them to see what they do. One will make the book full-screen (ESC will return it to normal) and another lets you download the pdf. Questions? Let me know.

What is the MedAir Series?

The MedAir Series is my series of thrillers featuring Lynch Cully and Amy Gibbs as the protagonists. But more than being just a mix of medical, police, and political thrillers, the books take on social justice issues of our day, some more controversial than others. Such issues include threats of technology–like identity theft and electronic eavesdropping, human trafficking, medical kidnapping, conspiracy “theory,” and vaccines. All of the topics have been extensively researched, so while you might not agree with some of the material presented within each story, the information presented has been documented and validated. So, if you don’t like the message, please don’t shoot the messenger (me), look at it with an open mind and check it out for yourself. One way or the other, I hope that you’ll enjoy the story.


Did you know . . .

The best prices for my books, whether eBook or paperback, is right here from my website. Ordering is secure and your personal information remains confidential (see my Privacy Policy). Also, for paperbacks, shipping is free within the U.S. and the books are signed So, why pay more at other places?