Looks That Deceive – MedAir #1 – Braxton DeGarmo, MD – Author

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Looks That Deceive

MedAir Series #1

464 pages

Available in paperback and eBook

Two prominent medical malpractice attorneys are dead.

Can you imagine the stuff flowing downhill into Detective Lynch Cully’s lap?

From his lieutenant’s office. From his chief’s office. The mayor’s office. The governor.

He’s already facing the toughest case of his career: a serial assailant who leaves his victims unable to testify.

Are these cases related?

Has the perpetrator upped his game?

Amy Gibbs, RN is a newly recruited med-evac flight nurse who left the ER, its stress, and memories of a certain detective behind.

On one fateful call, she hears the deathbed confession of a man whom police are seeking as a person of interest in the attacks.

Within hours, the lives of Amy Gibbs and Lynch Cully intertwine in a story that unravels a web of identity theft, electronic eavesdropping, and stalking amid a confusion of identities.

Can Lynch move one step ahead of this killer? Or is the distraction—of a girlfriend he regrets leaving—too much?

A great thriller? Bodies-yes. Plot twists-yes. Reading past your bedtime-yes. See why so many readers have discovered the MedAir Series. Download Looks that Deceive now, but be forewarned: it won’t cure your insomnia.

Looks That Deceive–Book One of my MedAir Series– is a medical / police thriller which introduces Sgt. Lynch Cully, a detective with an uncanny ability to visualize patterns and gut instincts that make him invaluable to the Major Case Squad. And he needs every bit of both as he works the most difficult case of his career. A serial assailant–dubbed the ‘L.A. Rapist’ for his prime targets, legal assistants–has claimed another victim. The assailant’s MO? He leaves his victims alive, but in a vegetative state that guarantees they’ll never identify or testify against him. And on the heels of that victim, a medical malpractice attorney has been murdered. Coincidence? An outlier of the L.A.Rapist’s work? The pressure is on for Lynch to find that answer . . . as well as the perpetrator.

Yet, his case becomes complicated by something personal. Amy Gibbs, RN, a flight nurse for the medical air service, MedAir, gets called to a gruesome scene. The victim is a person of interest in the lawyer’s murder and Amy hears a deathbed confession as they fly toward the trauma center. Amy and Lynch have a past and it didn’t end pleasantly for Amy. Lynch, too, regrets how things ended. And now? They’re thrown back together by this case and the dynamics have changed.