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Hi! Welcome to my home on the web. Take a little time to look around for info on my books and more. If you’d like more info, feel free to contact me.

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Seamus O’Connor paperback combo

For those who prefer paperbacks . . .

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, I had to curtail my personal appearances and book signings. That led to a overstock of some of my paperbacks. So, until my supply of books runs out, I’m offering you a special deal on these two paperbacks. If you buy The Militant Genome at my website’s regular price of $14.95, I’ll include a copy of Ten Seconds ‘Til at no cost. And, I’ll still provide free shipping within the U.S. You’ll only find this deal on my website.

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For the Bible student, here’s my two-book study set on eschatology on sale.

Still Here! Surviving the End Times deals with the origins of the four main views on eschatology, with a focus on why dispensationalism (a rapture, an Antichrist, a seven-year tribulation period, etc.) is in error with what the Scriptures actually tell us. To expect to be air-lifted off the planet when the really bad stuff begins to happen will leave you unprepared. It might even challenge your faith. Then the book looks in depth at Jehovah Machseh, the Lord our Refuge, to encourage you during that time when we’re all still here.

Still Here! The Apocalypse is Now picks up where study book one left off . . . with the Book of Revelation. Everyone believes this book to be daunting and hard to understand. Yet, who did John write it to? Not to doctors of theology. The “mystery” of Revelation stems from the dispensational teachings mentioned in the first study book, which tell you that Revelation is supposed to be interpreted literally. It’s not literal, but it does require an understanding of its Old Testament foreshadows and types. Some understanding of what influenced John also helps, and that includes the book of Enoch 1. My goal for this book is not to provide a line-by-line exegesis but to provide you with a broad understanding of the book and it images and how it applies to us today. The apocalypse truly is happening now.

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God bless.

What is the MedAir Series?

Based upon current events, the series features detective Lynch Cully and Amy Gibbs, RN, a flight nurse for MedAir, a fictional med-evac service in eastern Missouri. It’s a mix of medical, police, and political thrillers that take on various issues of our day, some more controversial than others: identity theft and electronic eavesdropping, human trafficking, medical kidnapping, conspiracy “theory,” vaccines, and more. All of the topics have been extensively researched, so I hope you keep an open mind as you read. One way or the other, I hope that you’ll enjoy the story.

Still Here!


Still Here! Surviving the End Times

For Christians, the Bible talks of the “End Times,” a period of great turmoil preceding the return of Christ. We’re taught about the tribulation, a rapture of believers, an Antichrist, and more. But what if most everything you’ve been taught is wrong, or at least partially so. Will you know the signs of the times? My first non-fiction book, this study looks at the traditional teachings of the evangelical church and weighs them against the truth of the Scriptures.

Still Here! The Apocalypse is Now

The Apocalypse! A code book of future events awaiting deciphering? Or a picture book of current events?

Understanding the Book of Revelation need not be daunting. You don’t have to be theological scholar to understand it. After all, John wrote it for the common man. Yet, the key to understanding lies in the Old Testament foreshadowing and types preceding it. Nowhere is the phrase “The Old Testament is the New Testament concealed, and the New Testament is the Old Testament revealed” more true. And, once you understand it, and take a look at the world today, the more you might recognize that the Apocalypse is now!


His daughter’s kidnapping destroyed his marriage, ripped apart his family, and nearly killed him. But, when his never-ending search for her uncovers dark secrets of one of Washington’s most powerful men, he finds himself in that man’s cross-hairs. Now Adam Afton, broken and alcoholic, has to quicken his pace to find his missing daughter, while staying one step ahead of the most dangerous killers in the world.

For Aric Afton, the disappearance of his older brother is an enigma that is eating away at their family. The last time Adam fell off their radar, he had taken refuge in an alcoholic stupor, but was quickly found. Not this time. So, when Aric receives a cryptic, anonymous postcard, he knows he has to act—Adam is in trouble . . . and Aric will be there to help, calling on his faith, just as he had the first time.

Seamus O’Connor Thrillers

The Militant Genome was my debut novel, and many readers asked for a series with those characters. But I had already started The MedAir Series and put that request on hold. Finally, in 2017, I was motivated to write Ten Seconds ‘Til as part of a ten-author set, and I’m slowly getting around to more.

Other Suspense


The story of an 18-year old girl who gets pregnant out of wedlock in the late 1960s. Her moonshiner father warns her not to bring “that baby” to his house, but she has nowhere else to go. She awakens one morning to find her baby gone. Her father has made good his threat to take and sell her baby . . . and her search begins.