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Now Available!

The Mark

For Aric Afton, keeping a low profile at school hasn’t worked out as planned. Yet, he won’t let that interfere with one of the biggest days of his life.

Adam Afton’s business is booming . . . until he takes on two major clients and becomes a target.

Yolina Zhdanov is known as one of the best of Russian hackers. Werner Koch has hired her for one job: to find the person who destroyed the WOC’s surveillance program—the final key to his goal of global totalitarian control. But has she made a fatal mistake?

The beast of Revelation has been unleashed, and its mark is on the horizon as the world rushes toward Armageddon.


Recently Released . . .

Still Here! Countdown: Revelation

Are we already in the End Times?

Has the beast been released?

Is Christ coming back soon?

Perhaps sooner than anyone expects.

This short book is an updated and enhanced version of my blog posts from the autumn of 2023.

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The Trumpets

For Aric Afton, the campus culture becomes increasingly hostile, and an incident threatens his future. But have his accusers gone too far?

Adam Afton wants to feel right at home . . . in more ways than one. Although reunited with his family, he realizes that his life is missing an “old friend.”

As the world spins into increasing craziness, the old saying, “Be careful what you pray for” has never been truer.

From record drought to record rains and snow, southern California now faces its ultimate challenge. And they say that as California goes, so goes the nation.

Yet, as Los Angeles goes dark and a new threat arises, a miracle proves that God is still in control.

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