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Still Here!

The Study Guides

Still Here! Surviving the End Times

The End Times . . . . . The Rapture.

Tribulation . . . . . The Antichrist.

The great falling away.

What if believers aren’t whisked away, but we’re all still here. What if much of what you’ve been taught is in error? Would that test your faith? Would you deny Christ? Where would you turn? Perhaps this book can open your eyes to think outside the box of man’s traditions. 

Still Here! The Apocalypse is Now

The Apocalypse. A code book of future events?

Or a picture book of current ones?

Who or what is the beast? The false prophet? Who are the 144,000?

The Book of Revelation doesn’t need to be daunting and confusing, but key to understanding it is knowing its Old Testament foreshadows.

Still Here! Countdown Revelation

Have you ever wondered whether or not the prophecies of Revelation are playing out right now?

With the war in Israel, could we be heading toward Armageddon?

Using material from my other study guides, I began to search for clues in today’s events that might answer these questions.

This book presents the results of my research.

If you’re expecting seven years of tribulation, a rapture, and an Antichrist, I challenge you to think outside that box and to consider another possibility.

The Still Here! Series

The End Begins – The Still Here! Series #1

His daughter’s kidnapping destroyed his marriage, ripped apart his family, and nearly killed him. But, when his never-ending search for her uncovers dark secrets of one of Washington’s most powerful men, he finds himself in that man’s cross-hairs. Now Adam Afton, broken and alcoholic, has to quicken his pace to find his missing daughter, while staying one step ahead of the most dangerous killers in the world.

For Aric Afton, the disappearance of his older brother is an enigma that is eating away at their family. The last time Adam fell off their radar, he had taken refuge in an alcoholic stupor, but was quickly found. Not this time. So, when Aric receives a cryptic, anonymous postcard, he knows he has to act—Adam is in trouble . . . and Aric will be there to help, calling on his faith, just as he had the first time.

The Shaking – The Still Here! Series #2

Aric Afton looks forward to college as a time dedicated to learning, meeting new people, and a real social life. But when he speaks up for free speech, he becomes the guy on campus . . . with a woke target on his back. 

Ryan Krueger has dedicated his life to protect and serve. When a protest at the Portland Police Bureau headquarters goes bad, Ryan has a choice to make—to lie down and become the scapegoat that the political higher-ups seek . . . or fight to come out on top.  

Dillon Ingersoll is no stranger to war, thanks to a tour as a Marine in Iraq. The only souvenirs of that time were nightmares and PTSD . . . until he accepted Christ as his Lord, Savior, and Healer. But his beloved Texas, with his ranch bordering the Rio Grande, has become just another steppingstone for the cartels bringing their deadly wares into the country, and the nightmares have returned. 

Three lives. Three stories. And ‘white hat’ hacker Adam Afton, with his UltraNet software, becomes the common thread as the earth shakes with the coming change in the U.S. government and the Great Reset of the Deep State.

The Beasts – The Still Here! Series #3

Are the prophecies of The Apocalypse playing out right before our eyes?

The young and healthy dying sudden, unexplained deaths. Skyrocketing miscarriage and stillbirth rates. Common sense becoming a crime. Public educators acting behind the backs of parents. The weaponizing of law enforcement agencies. We read and hear about these issues daily.

But what if some take a stand and say, “Enough is enough?”

What if some fight back in unexpected ways? Will they win? Or are these skirmishes in a larger war?

Have the beasts of the Book of Revelation already risen? Is it too late to make a decision that will determine your eternity?

The Trumpets – The Still Here! Series #4

For Aric Afton, the campus culture becomes increasingly hostile, and an incident threatens his future. But have his accusers gone too far?

Adam Afton wants to feel right at home . . . in more ways than one. Although reunited with his family, he realizes that his life is missing an “old friend.”

As the world spins into increasing craziness, the old saying, “Be careful what you pray for” has never been truer.

From record drought to record rains and snow, southern California now faces its ultimate challenge. And they say that as California goes, so goes the nation.

Yet, as Los Angeles goes dark and a new threat arises, a miracle proves that God is still in control.

The Mark – The Still Here! Series #5

For Aric Afton, keeping a low profile at school hasn’t worked out as planned. Yet, he won’t let that interfere with one of the biggest days of his life.

Adam Afton’s business is booming . . . until he takes on two major clients and becomes a target.

Yolina Zhdanov is known as one of the best of Russian hackers. Werner Koch has hired her for one job: to find the person who destroyed the WOC’s surveillance program—the final key to his goal of global totalitarian control. But has she made a fatal mistake?

The beast of Revelation has been unleashed, and its mark is on the horizon as the world rushes toward Armageddon.