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Other Suspense by Braxton

The Seamus O’Connor Thrillers

The Militant Genome

A master gene for race?  Geneticists say such a thing doesn’t exist.  However, the Colonel, founder of the Missouri White Alliance, has devised a genetic weapon capable of devastating dark-skinned peoples globally.  He is only weeks, maybe days away from implementing his viral version of racial cleansing’s “final solution.”  There’s only one threat to his plan – a hotheaded member of the MWA has become the target of a nationwide police search for murder and the kidnapping of local celebrity Della Winston … and the unwanted attention risks bringing federal scrutiny to the previously unknown white supremacy group.

Sarah Wade, MD, has enough stress as a senior Emergency Medicine resident.  She never expected that her discovery of a murdered medical student would inadvertently jeopardize her career.  Or that the next-day murder of a Nigerian diplomat would pull her – and Seamus O’Connor, a detective assigned to the high-profile medical center murder – into a life-threatening conspiracy of murder, kidnapping, and rising racial tensions.   

Ten Seconds ‘Til

Three well-known thieves . . .

Two muggers …

A car thief and more …

They all have one thing in common . . .

make that two, after they become targets for an apparent vigilante.

Det. Seamus O’Connor is assigned to a joint task force to assist with the investigation of a serial bomber with a unique MO.  But as O’Connor begins to close in, the hunter becomes the prey.



It’s the late 1960’s and life with an alcoholic father in rural western North Carolina couldn’t get worse for young Alice Cummings, until she gets pregnant out of wedlock and her father “sells” her baby.  She flees, resolved to find her child, but more tragedy derails her search.  Yet, her life turns around in a most unexpected way … before she disappears from the face of the earth.

 For current day, mega-selling author, Myra Mitchell, the “Diva of Disaster,” a life of hard work and harder partying falls into a tailspin after a life-changing diagnosis.  In pursuit of a final book, she sets her sights on the unknown story of Betsy Weston, her favorite cartoonist, who appeared from nowhere in Ashville, NC,  and finds herself racing death to pay back a debt unveiled by her hunt.