The Khmer Connection – #7


The Khmer Connection – #7


What do you do?

Where do you go?

. . . when the devil follows on your heels?

The ghosts haunting Amy Gibbs have driven her from her home, her friends, her job, and her family. No one knows where she has gone . . . except the man who failed in his first attempt to kill her.

Now, Lynch Cully must go on the hunt . . . for Amy. His position with the President-elect’s team has afforded him access to intel that Abdullah Said Abdi is searching for her and has a head start on Lynch. He has no choice but to find her first . . . or lose her forever.

MedAir Series #7

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For more on the vaccine issues raised within the story:

The Vaccine Issue

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Amy Gibbs has been through enough–a broken engagement, the murder of her ex, and the assassination of her father at the hand of a terrorist who had Amy in his sights. Her home, where her father died, holds too many memories. And those memories have kept her awake for far too many nights. So, when an opportunity arises to make a drastic change in her life, she jumps for it. Now, she leaves behind her home, her job, her friends, and her family.

Lynch Cully now faces a dilemma. He gave Amy all the space he thought she’d need after the death of her dad. Maybe too much. As part of the President-elect’s transition team, he becomes aware that Abdullah Said Abdi is not finished with Amy after she unwittingly foiled his terrorist plot. Racing to find her, he learns she is going to the airport. Destination unknown. He reaches out to her best friend, Macy Johnson, a woman who doesn’t hold him in much esteem . . . and who also has no idea where Amy is going. Lynch races time and the devil to find Amy, before losing her forever.

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