The Silenced Shooter – #3


The Silenced Shooter – #3



Has the American Federal Government become too corrupt, too powerful, too large and too invasive of our privacy? Could a secret organization control the media and big business? What if that was all part of a global plan? Whom could you trust? And what might happen if a new political party succeeds like none before it to challenge the “Establishment?” It’s time to “Take Back America!” in this political thriller.

MedAir Series #3


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The Silenced Shooter cover

The Silenced Shooter

Tired of federal gridlock? Do you trust the federal government anymore? Does it seem to you that the “elites” in Washington have an agenda that doesn’t exactly fall in line with the best interests of the country? Is it time to “Take Back America?”

Picking up where Rescued and Remembered left off … Lynch Cully has found that recovering his memory might be the easy part of “coming back from the dead.” His job is gone. His relationship with Amy Gibbs is on the rocks and the status of Danijela is smeared by a huge question mark. As he recovers from his wound, anxious to leave the hospital, an old friend, Sgt. Seamus O’Connor, picks up the slack on the Major Case Squad in response to a 9-1-1 Code 1000 call – all available units respond – to a shooting at a private Christian school. Automatic gunfire reported.

Meanwhile, Bradley Graham, the keynote speaker at the American Patriot Conservative Caucus, has sent a shockwave through the political “circus” in this country. In announcing the successful formation of a new political party, the American Party, and its record number of both grass roots membership and fund raising, he has challenged the mainstream political world unlike the Libertarians or any other group before it. In doing so, he might just as well have tattooed a target on his forehead.

Has God finally turned His back on America? To the point where He would allow a shooting to occur in a Christian school, a school dedicated to his Glory? Or, will the boldness of the American Party begin to re-chart the course of society back toward those God-given rights that so many Americans have fought and died to preserve? Perhaps more than a few guardian angels are working overtime.

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