Rescued and Remembered – MedAir #2 – Braxton DeGarmo, MD – Author

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Rescued and Remembered

MedAir Series #2

439 pages

Available in paperback and eBook

Fished from the river, nearly dead, …

the past three months have been hard.

Jusef has no memory and needs assistance simply to feed himself. His benefactor lives in fear in the remote river cabin.

She has a price on her head.

And Amy Gibbs, RN, has struggled from PTSD, as a result of the monster who twice attacked and nearly killed her. Yet, enter an Army veteran recently returned from Afghanistan whose charm and confidence entice her.

Is he really who he says he is?

In a series of twists and turns, the four become embroiled in the battle against human trafficking. Their target is powerful, well-armed, widespread . . . and rich enough to bribe politicians, policemen, and judges.

They have vowed to fight.

And they will need all their courage and determination . . . guardian angels, and a miracle.

Slavery has been around since ancient times, but in today’s world, it hides underground away from scrutiny and the disapproval of society. Young women, even young boys, often fall into its clutches to become unpaid servants or, worse, prostitutes kept chained to their ‘owners’ by drugs and fear. This story, book number 2 of my MedAir Series, tells the story of one small group risking all to take down one highly organized trafficking ring.